Looking to get your songs mixed? Questions about how to prep your files? Read no further. I try to make this easy for you.


1. Only give me the tracks you want in your song. Multiple playlists or anything in question should be decided on prior to sending me your session. Commit.

2. Properly name all audio tracks and please keep it simple. I don’t need to know which preamp was used when you were tracking. Just what the track consists of.

3. Render all elastic audio and make sure the session tempo is correct.

4. Consolidate ALL audio files from the top of the session to the end of the session. Please make sure that all fades and crossfades are correct before consolidating to prevent from any unwanted pops and clicks in the audio.

5. In your Protools session please make sure you “save a copy in” select a destination drive and make sure you select “all audio files”. This ensures that even if you are pulling audio from several drives that all of it will be copied into one session. This is the session you send to me.

6. Some mixers work off of your rough mix / from where you left off. Not me. I earn my money and start every mix from scratch. So unless there are plugins you want to leave on for a certain sound or vibe, please remove them. All Autotune or Melodyne must be printed.

7. Include your rough mix in the session. This helps me understand what you’ve been hearing, what the label has been hearing etc. I’m not going to chase it. It’s just for reference.

Logic Users

1. If working in Logic please watch the video below and follow the simple instructions to ensure your audio tracks are being properly exported.

Click here!

2. After exporting Logic files make sure to label the folder with the song’s tempo, sample rate and bit depth. For example: “Song Title”- 132 BPM 24 bit 48k All of the above is absolutely necessary to

All of the above is absolutely necessary to ensure I have exactly what I need to mix your song.


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