How do I get my files to you?

I like or – They’re awesome. Sometimes people will mail me a hard drive or USB stick.

Why should I pay you to mix / produce my record?

I really love music. Like, really – and i’m pretty good at it. It’ll be quick and easy. You’ll love the end result.

Do you also do mastering?

No. Never. Don’t make me do it. The most I will do is give you a master reference. I use a limiter and get it loud enough so you can see what it’ll be like. ISRC, Text Encoding, PMCD creation, are things I’m not passionate about. However, these things are important, especially if manufacturing CD’s or other media.

You should totally call these guys for mastering. They’re pros and great people.

Adam Ayan

Rueben Cohen

Do you take on every project that comes along?

Nope. I’m a big believer in having the right people for the right job. If for whatever reason I feel like I cant meet your expectations I’ll let you know and happily refer you to someone that can knock it out of the park.

What makes a professional mix?

A good song. Lots of coffee. An 1176 or 5

Do you mix in the box?

Mostly yes. I have a couple pieces of outboard gear I like to use. However, I grew up with Pro Tools and I know it best. I like it there and the plugins are sounding pretty dope these days.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Dallas / Fort Worth TX. It’s a fun town with a great music scene.

How did you get started in music?

Lots of marching bands and trombone lessons. I also had a guitar and drum set at home. Eventually went to college for a music degree. Ended up hanging out in studios. Now I’m here.

I don’t think I can afford you.

Very much not true. I really dig good music. Email me. Lets talk.

Do you track?

When I’m not busy mixing I do. I’d love to come record your songs. It’ll be super great.

I want to learn how to mix. Can you teach me?

Yes. I have a community called Mixnotes. Just click here and prepare for your life to change.

Are you a musician?

I used to play a lot. Like 8 hours a day all day a lot. Not so much anymore.

Can you add parts to my songs?

Absolutely. I live in Nashville. I can literally throw a rock and hit some of the best players in the world. Email me. Lets talk.

What gear do you use?

Antelope Pure 2 D/A – A/D, Spectrasonics V610, UA 1176, WA Pultecs, Avid Faders, Focal Speakers, All of the plugins (Way too many to list), Random Guitar Pedals and Noise Makers